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Reigate Builders is a Calicut based builder. We offer you a well-designed, fine-tuned home that suit the dreams of our customers . With an illustrious track record spanning 33 years in the construction industry, Paul Thomas M, our esteemed Managing Director, stands at the helm of our company’s operations. Guided by his exceptional leadership, we steadfastly maintain unwavering standards of professionalism, establishing ourselves as a prominent force within the industry and setting a benchmark for excellence. From traditional to contemporary modern architectures, we develop world-class structures that suit best for our patrons.

Reigate Builders is involved in to carry on, in India or elsewhere, either alone or jointly with one or more persons, government, or other entities and bodies of any kind, the business of builders and developers and owning, building, operating and selling of Commercial Spaces, Residential Spaces and Immovable properties of all nature. Overseeing overseas operations with finesse, Haksar CH, a seasoned professional with 29 years of experience in the construction industry, leads the way. Supported by a team of five accomplished company directors including Mujeeb KM. Shalu P. Unni Madhavan M. Sabeer A and Shafi AM. Our organization is fortified with a wealth of expertise and unwavering professionalism. Together, we ensure exceptional performance at every turn, solidifying our reputation as a trusted leader in the industry.

” At Reigate Builders, we are committed to excellence in crafting exceptional living spaces. With our experience in the industry, we pledge to deliver superior quality, thoughtful design, and impeccable customer service to ensure your dream home becomes a reality. Inspired by our passion for creating homes that inspire and uplift, we strive to exceed expectations, setting new benchmarks in the art of community living. “

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    Reigate Builders has a well-organized and well-disciplined workforce and owns quite a large number of plant and equipment and is capable of executing quality construction works. REIGATE employees demonstrate a commitment to safety and quality. This commitment positively differentiates REIGATE from others.

Creating a safe and healthy work environment, the value of safety at REIGATE is instilled in everything it does through a guiding principle. REIGATE will not compromise the health and safety of its people. REIGATE employees look out for each other with a goal of zero incidents. impressive your longtails opened inside owing ipsum epunitively. Nehil moderatius vimpot dish euitas iuvaret sed ipsum reformid.

         QUALITY -
REIGATE’s quality management program has been formulated to ensure a commitment to quality is apparent to all employees, clients, design partners, and trade contractors. This commitment improves quality performance, and improves client and design team satisfaction